We started the group in 2019 united by the passion we fell for muralism. Our styles and color pallet are different and complete us as a team.

In 2020 we felt the necessity to transcend people’s experience with art, and that is why we created interactive painting workshops, using techniques such as water painting, acrylic painting and oil painting. Today we deliver the experience of bringing people closer to art from their own homes, creating a space for relaxation, disconnection and fun.


Painting since 2010 mostly focus on oil painting (portrait and flowers). In 2019 she started with muralism and has paint in Medellin, Cartagena y Bogotá.

Her style is defined by her color pallet and vibrant textures, full of strength and movement. She is also a business administrator and works as a commercial in a textile Company.


Industrial designer and artist.

She loves to Paint, teach, experiment, create and transmit good energy on her paintings.

She has been painting mainly oil on canvas, water painting, illustration and muralism for more than 15 years.

She is also the creator of Palmina accessories.